1. David Grossman, Esq., Intellectual Property and Electrical Engineer, Patent
  2. Dr. Chris Hintz, Oceanographer and Chemical Engineer, Savannah State University
    1. Alkalinity determination and automated high-precision measurement of seawater alkalinity for remote/continuous/real-time ocean acidification monitoring.
    2. High-precision pCO2-controlled culture for research or growth optimization, able to maintain equilibrium with pre-industrial revolution 250 μatm to near-future 1250-1500 μatm pCO2 atmospheres. Culture volumes from 100-4000L successfully held constant ± 1 μatm for periods exceeding 9 months with both respiring and photosynthetic organisms.
    3. Low-effort, low-cost, low-energy production of poly culture marine algae biomass for biofuel production. High throughput non-destructive preconcentration of algal biomass prior to cellular disruption, lipid separation, and biofuel conversion.
  3. Dr. Drew Hintz, Electrical Engineer and MicroGrid power expert.
  4. Eddie Mayhew, Matlab guru